The Buzz around the SGCC

26 May 2008 .. I swear there have been some updates in the past 2 years, but for some reasson, they haven't made it to this page. Which is just wrong and I should be better at keeping this up than I have been.

As of 30th April 2008, our prior secretary [name redacted @ her choice] has been removed as Secretary of the SGPA, partially at her own request. Amy Haller has replaced her as Secretary, and her bio info will be updated at a later date.

We're planning to be at Gatecon 2008 this year. Will you be there? Come say hi and donate a stuffy or two. The kids will appreciate it!

22 May 2006 .. There have been a few small updates here and there over the past year. Unfortunately, somehow this page didn't get updated with each of them.

Our goal this year is to recruit, through you, 2700 stuffed animals by 30th September 2006. We will be in attendance at Timeless Destinations in Vancouver, and wish we could be able to attend Gatecon UK as well. The new recruits will be donated to the British Columbia Children's Hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia, after the Timeless Destinations convention is over. Any new stuffed animals received after that point will either be donated to the BCCH or another hospital after the September deadline. Any "gently loved" recruits will be reporting to a variety of domestic violence shelters world-wide.

For the first time in 2006, all of our monetary proceeds will be going to a very specific goal: assisting Victoria Roberts' family in raising money for her bone marrow transplant. Colonel Terrapin first heard about this girl on a radio station she listens to from Portland, OR. The latest news is that a bone marrow donor has been found, but the family is still in need of about $150,000 US to reach their goal of $325,000.

28 August 2005 .. Yep, another long spell since the last update. Gatecon 2005 is over and the post-con blues have been set in quite definitely.

Because of the changes to Gatecon's format of going pan-scifi, we also have chosen to do a more broadbased scifi approach to the SGPA. There has been a site overhaul to reflect the change from solely Stargate SG-1 to pan-scifi. We've also updated the donation totals pages and added in the first testimonial.

The presentation this year was daunting, as Fearless Leader, Teryl, and Dan Mornar were unable to attend. We had 3 lovely young men come from BCCH for the presentation. Our totals for stuffies as of the presentation put us to within 1000 stuffies of our goal of hitting 10,000 this year.

The day after the presentation, I had a lovely conversation with Ellen Dubin about getting the SGPA out and known in more venues. We are definitely going to work on that, as it's something Jenn and I have wanted for a while now, but have been unable to accomplish on our own. Later that same day, Paul Brown of Legends Memorabilia spoke with me and said he would set up a special auction on his website to raise the money for the last 1000 stuffies we need, so that we hit our goal. And to top it all off, Dan Payne and Aaron Douglas donated 4 stuffies, the first celebrities to actually donate stuffies for us.

It was an incredible convention, and a wonderful way to celebrate 5 years of doing this. But that doesn't mean we're going to rest on our laurels at this point. We're working on getting more information out for other conventions and such.

2 April 2005 .. Quite a while since our last update. RL has been a bit on the hectic side for the Board of Directors.

The site has now been updated to show the new deadline for sending in stuffies, which is 15 July 2005.

Because 2005 is our fifth anniversary, our goal this year is to hit 10,000 total stuffies donated. This means we need about 2700 stuffies collected this year. There are already about 500 stuffies here at SGPA Headquarters awaiting their donation orders. That means we need your help to get another 2200 stuffies collected by the end of our donation year, which is 30 September 2005.

We've also finally added a testimonials page. This is your chance to tell your favorite story, anecdote, etc. as it relates to the SGPA or anything related to charity works. More details can be found on the Testimonials page, or you can email us for further clarification.

21 October 2004 .. Wow! Things have been pretty darned hectic here at SGPA Headquarters. Finally got the nearly final totals posted on the site [still waiting on one last set of numbers]. Our totals soared through the roof this year because Jenn and I managed to donate a lot of household-type items to a local charity and converted those items into a comparable stuffy count to come up with the totals. We ended up donating the equivalent of 1300 stuffies to said charity. Wow!

We would like to make a few specific thank-yous now...

  • Var came through with another banner job of gathering and donating stuffies for us this year. At this point, she's donated 986 stuffies this year. She is a true inspiration and we are extremely grateful to have her assistance every year.
  • We would also like to thank everyone else who has donated stuffies this year, whether for the first time or as a repeat donor.
  • And we would like to thank the following for their generous monetary donations:
    • The Thank Teryl Fund
    • Michelle Dudley, who donated 10% of her StarCode sales at Gatecon toward Canuck Place
    • RocketChick &

11 July 2004 .. So we leave tomorrow to head up to Vancouver for Gatecon. Currently we have 867 stuffies donated this year! Great job, everyone!

The presentation to Teryl is going to be on Friday, 16 July 2004, at the end of her panel. Currently the stuffies in-house at SGPA Headquarters will be staying here to be delivered to their new adoptees.

No table at the 'con this year, but we'll have a donations box at the StarCode table in the Dealer's Room. Don't forget to get your letters and stuffies to AJ or her 2 assistants [who will be wearing the stuffy-covered boony hats].

Please note: Any stuffies received between 17 July and 30 September of 2004 will still count toward the 2004 totals. We will be sending the final totals and finalized Memory Book pages to Teryl at that point in time.

27 June 2004 .. With only 17 days left until Gatecon, we're showing a nice initial set of totals for the 2004 donations. Currently we're sitting at 817 stuffies and $130.00US in monetary donations.

While the site does say the deadline to get stuffies to us [for guaranteed inclusion in the presentation totals] is 1 July 2004, we are going to extend the deadline to 9 July 2004. This means we absolutely must have your stuffies in-house here at SGPA Headquarters in order for them to be included in the presentation totals. If your stuffies arrive after the deadline, they will be added to the final yearly totals, which will be sent on to Teryl at the end of September when our fiscal year ends.

Anyone planning to bring stuffies to Gatecon, please drop us an email and let us know at least that you're bringing them. If you can give us a total, that will be great, too. The same goes for if you're planning to do monetary donations. We won't physically have a table this year in the dealer's room, simply because we don't have the manpower to man said table this year, what with Jenn being unable to make it to Gatecon this year. We're going to see if we can set up a spot for stuffies to be dropped off [other than our hotel room] and for monetary donation to be made. More on this as we know what's going on.

Because of the lack of table this year, we are asking that people do one of two things regarding signing Teryl's Memory Book pages.

  • Email us the message you'd like added to the book [either as plain text or as a Word .doc attachment] and we will print it out and include it in the book for you.
  • Bring along a nicely written note [no more than one side of an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper] to Gatecon and make sure it gets to AJ or one of her designated assistants [to be announced soon].
Please be aware that the Board of Directors do have the final say on what will be included in Teryl's Memory Book, but we will do our best to make sure everyone has an opportunity to have their information included.

What can be accepted for inclusion in Teryl's Memory Book.

  • A nicely written note, no more than one side of an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper. This is a final determination.
    Please Note: Absolutely NO personal contact information [ie. phone number, address, email address, etc] will be allowed in the Memory Book.
  • Pictures of the stuffies you are donating, or have donated prior to Gatecon at another location.
    Credit for the pictures will go to their owner.
  • Any information you are able to give about where your stuffies have been donated, particularly if you have donated them prior to Gatecon to another charitable organization. Please respect the wishes/rules of said organizations in providing this information to us.
  • Please Note: If you have any questions regarding any of these rules, or there are special circumstances you feel the Board of Directors should know about with regard to what you're offering for inclusion in the Memory Book, please feel free to email us and we will then make a determination on a case-by-case basis.
    Please Note: Whatever decision is determined by the Board of Directors is final and non-negotiable.

23 May 2004 .. Updated some of the squad 2ICs. Still working on getting the in-house stuffies counted up and ready to go. Anyone that's going to send stuffies in, you don't have much time left to make sure we get them to transport up to Vancouver for Gatecon...

9 May 2004 .. Bit more of an update. AJ got bored with the pistachio green background, so she found a fun, hopefully unobtrusive background image to use. Still have to get that latest count of the stuffies here at SGPA Central HQ. Let us know if there is anything you want to see here. We'll do our best to facilitate your suggestions.

6 January 2004 .. Wow! Some major changes here at the SGPA site. The main one, of course, is the complete overhaul of the site. Please take a look and let us know if you like it or hate it. And give us any suggestions you might have to further spruce it up. AJ's made her first attempt at playing with CSS on this site, so any constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated. Several of the pages have also been updated.

31 August 2003 .. With less than 2 weeks until Gatecon, things around SGPA Central are at a whirlwind pace and ever-changing. Stuffies continue to pile up at our door, in preparation for heading up to Vancouver and the kids who so desperately need their companionship. Rough, initial estimates make it a very promising possibility of reaching our goal of 2000 stuffies collected this year. If things work out properly, we'll have our representative from the British Columbia Children's Hospital at Gatecon for the presentation to Teryl. And if we're extremely lucky, he'll be bringing a couple of the kids along with him.

The store has been shut down for the time being. We will probably reopen the store at a future date. Also, we have a new paypal account to work with. More information on this will be forthcoming.

In other news, there has been another change in the Board of Directors. Please welcome our new secretary, [name redacted @ her choice]. We'll be getting her bio to the About Us page as soon as we can, most likely after Gatecon.

We will have the sponsorship program again for the stuffies at our table in the Dealer Room. Sponsorship will be $5US or $7.50CA, the same as last year. If you just HAVE to have one of the stuffies, we will work out an adoption fee with you, based on the size of the stuffy. We will also have a series of very special stuffies available for adoption at our table. As some of you may remember, we had several of the actors sign stuffies related to their squads last year. These autographed stuffies will be available for adoption on a voluntary donation basis, like a silent auction. The top donation offered by the end of business on the evening of Saturday, 13 September, will receive that particular stuffy. All of the signed stuffies will be on display at our table. All proceeds from these silent auction-type donations will go to the charities the SGPA supports. Pictures of these stuffies will be uploaded to the website this week, so people can see them in advance.

10 August 2003 .. Wow! With just over a month left until Gatecon, things are really starting to kick into overdrive here at SGPA Central.

First off, we are pleased to announce the addition of a new director to our Board of Directors. Our very own Sekh has graciously accepted the position of Director of Public Relations for the SGPA. We will be adding a little bio for her on our About Us page just as soon as we can nail Sekh down for a moment or two to get the info we need. *g*

Second off, we would like to remind you that all donations being sent to our US address MUST arrive here in Seattle, WA, by 1 September, 2003, at the very latest to guarantee inclusion in the presentation to Teryl this year. If your donations arrive after that point, your stuffies will still count toward the final totals, and they will be donated either to the British Columbia Children's Hospital or to a local Seattle shelter. And just to note, there is also a Canadian address where you can send your donations, as well.

Thirdly, the deadline for the donations to be sent also goes for any photos/info being sent regarding your local donations, if you choose to go that route. Please remember we are doing a memory book for Teryl again this year.

Fourthly, have included a new page to show the total stuffy donations from 2002 and the projections for 2003 [until we get our final totals, of course].

And lastly, the Board of Directors has come up with a challenge for all of you this year.

Due to the various rumours floating around the 'net regarding the potential demise of the good Dr. Fraiser, we at the Stuffy Guard Project Assocation would like to show our respect and support for this incredible character and the woman who has portrayed her so compellingly over these past six seasons of Stargate SG-1. In addition to playing such a wonder character, we at the SGPA would like to pay tribute to the woman who initially inspired our organization.

So what's the challenge you ask? Very simple. Our goal and challenge to you is for each person attending Gatecon 2003 to bring with them 2 stuffed animals, to be donated to the BCCH, as Ms. Rothery originally requested. With roughly 600 attendees, that would be 1200 stuffed animals donated, and when added to the stuffies already collected and/or donated locally, that would put us right around our goal of 2000 stuffies collected. Var herself has already managed to donate 500+ stuffies through her diligence. In addition....For every 100 stuffies donated total over the 1600 collected last year, the board of directors will donate an additional 25 stuffies. Which means, if you manage to collect 2000 stuffies this year, the board will donate an additional 100 stuffies, which would make the total 2100.

We would like to note that the stuffies you donate don't necessarily have to be expensive or large. What Jenn, Kate, and I recommend is going to your local Rite-Aid, Walgreen's, or the equivalent in your country, or a dollar store in your area and pick up a couple of the little teddy bears and/or beanie baby knock-offs that are being sold for a dollar a piece. They are the perfect size for children of any age, and they don't take up much space in your suitcases, as well. Other options include purchasing stuffies online and having them sent to the SGPA offices here in Seattle. These options include Oriental Trading, Fuzzy Friends, Nancy's Plush Toys, Pocket Pals, and LowPrice4U.

We will still be doing the "sponsor a stuffy" table at the con. In addition, we may have some merchandise on-hand from our CafePress store.

Dig deep into your hearts and help spread smiles for the kids who really need them. Donate what you can, but realize that donating like this gives you a feeling unlike any other you may have experienced...and know that it can be extremely addicting.

7 May 2003 .. It's really been far too long since there was an update here. I swear there was one earlier, but haven't found it, so must have been mistaken.

In the 2002 stuffy drive, we managed to collect 1583 stuffed animals worldwide, over 1000 of which were at Gatecon to be presented to our contact at the British Columbia Children's Hospital. We also managed to raise $440CA in donations that are currently set aside to be added to the donations received for the 2003 drive to Canuck Place, Canadian Cystic Fybrosis Foundation, and Make-a-Wish.

There are some changes being made to the site, and to the SGPA as a company as well. Some of the squad leaders who have been with us from the very start have had to step down for various personal reasons, which leaves openings for leaders of those squads. The Board of Directors has also had a change in personnel. One member was removed while two others have been added in.

29 August 2002 ... So here we are.... Gatecon is almost upon us again....Now we're able to accept monetary donations as well as stuffies, which is wonderful and will help many others.

11 January 2002 ... Yes, I know it's been quite a while since there was an actual update here.  First off, let me say that the inaugural 2001 drive of the Stuffy Guard Project was a smashing hit.  We managed to collect 780 stuffies from around the world in just 5 months, and 353 of those ended up in Vancouver to be donated to the Vancouver chapter of the Starlight Foundation.

As of right now, we are gearing up for SGP 2002.  Our goal this year is to collect 2002 stuffies by mid-September during Gatecon.  We are also in the process of becoming a Non-Profit Organization [NPO].  Currently, we have our business license in the state of Washington, and should have our NPO paperwork filed shortly.

There are a couple of new squads this year, and some new squad leaders.  Not to mention our brand new website.  Keep checking back to see what news we have to offer....

7 June 2001 .. Updates to the Squads page, including contact info for the Asgard Alliance Squad....

31 May 2001 .. We now have an address for you to send your stuffies and/or pictures to....Check it out on the Recruitment Center page.

17 May 2001 .. A lot of updates, including the new banners page.
Also, check out the latest great news from C4, the people bringing you the Gatecon convention:

Sorry for the cross posting everyone, but we at Gatecon are so excited we want everyone to know the good news!!!!

Gatecon is VERY pleased to announce that we have secured a license from MGM to produce some brand new and official Stargate merchandise.

We are currently in the design stages of a Stargate SG-1 Calendar 2002, and Stargate SG-1 t-shirts. We hope to have these ready for sale around mid-June, and they will be available at the convention and via the Gatecon web site until the end of the year when the license expires.

However, the license ONLY allows us to ship to the United States and

Please check the Gatecon site ( ) often for progress information. Again this is SG1 merchandise not convention stuff.