All About the SGPA

The History of the SGPA

The seeds of the SGPA began back in the summer of 2000, when the members of the TRFCI formed the Teddy Bear Brigade, to help collect teddy bears for Teryl Rothery's birthday celebration at a London convention hosted by Wolf Events. The TRFCI brought their additions to the Teddy Bear Drive to Gatecon 2000, and to the attention of Ms. Rothery. That charity drive brought out a memory of AJ's in which she'd always wanted to do charitable work to help others. Not long after Gatecon, AJ met up with Jenn, who wholeheartedly admits to being the "kick in the pants" that AJ needed to get her charity idea off the ground. Thus was the birth of the Stuffy Guard Command Corps. In their first year, at Gatecon 2001, they managed to collect 780 stuffed animals worldwide. Then in 2002, with the helpful efforts of and Mark, they became the Stuffy Guard Project Association, a legitimate non-profit corporation and managed to more than double the amount of stuffies collected with a whopping 1583 dispersed worldwide.

The SGPA loosely follows a militaristic setup, imitating that of the fictional SGC on the television series Stargate SG-1. To this end, Teryl Rothery has been given the honorary title of "Commander-In-Chief," since it was her charitable works that inspired the SGPA into being. Ms. Rothery's fellow actors therefore became the "Disjointed Chiefs of Staff," also honorary titles within the SGPA.

Along these lines, Jenn became General Ursidae, the head of the SGPA; and AJ became her second in command [2IC] as Colonel Terrapin. They recruited others to help them, including Colonel XeNox.

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The SGPA Board of Directors

Jennifer Kampmeyer, aka General Ursidae -- SGPA President
Jenn fully and freely admits that her main two jobs for the SGPA are 1] to be the very visible spokesperson for the SGPA at any conventions they attend, including doing the annual presentation to Ms. Rothery at Gatecon, and 2] to bolster up and support AJ during the rest of the year to keep this corporation running as smoothly as possible.

Amy Jo "AJ" Nordall, aka Colonel Terrapin -- SGPA Vice-President & Chief Financial Officer
AJ can be considered the backbone of the SGPA. In the first year, before the others came along, AJ wore all the hats, except that of spokesperson, which was Jenn's. Today, her main jobs within the SGPA are 1] to recruit and coordinate the volunteers that make up the SGPA; 2] to be the public liaison to the celebrities being honored by the corporation; and 3] to manage all finanances and tax filings. She also co-maintains the corporate website with Mesh, and fills in whatever jobs need to be done.

Amy Haller -- SGPA Secretary
Bio to come...

Patricia Smith, aka Ambassador Sekh -- SGPA Director of Public Relations
Bio to come...

Mark Greer -- SGPA Goodwill Ambassador
Mark has been a friend to members of the Board of Directors since before the SGPA truly came into fruition. In addition to being our Goodwill Ambassador at Gatecon, he also kindly donated the initial filing fees required to make the SGPA a legitimate non-profit corporation.